Conservation of the precious ecosystems and bio-diversity of Africa is directly related to making income from tourism pay more than the land would make under other land use. It is also compatible with traditional lifestyles and the integrity of indigenous peoples and their cultures, as well as their right to develop or protect their homelands.

In addition to following ethical standards, Ethan has chosen to support the following organizations:

Simanjiro Easement Logo

The Simanjiro Conservation Easement is funded by individuals concerned that the Tarangire Ecosystem, once home to a wildebeest migration of Serengeti scale, is under threat from human encroachment. Funds encourage villages to set aside land for grazing, not agriculture, continuing to allow the wildebeest to disperse into their vital birthing grounds.

The most memorable cultural experiences happen when the observer-subject barriers are broken. Participation in small projects can be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience. Follow this link to read about how a morning in a village can help a whole community

CarbonTanzania Logo

Every safari’s carbon emission is offset with CarbonTanzania. With the threats of forecasted global change imminent, and when the people who it will affect most are your neighbors, every little contribution to conservation and development helps.

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