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Ethan Kinsey is a 3rd generation Tanzanian, born and raised in a small village close to Arusha. His passion for nature started at an early age, playing in rivers and forests behind his home, and traveling with his parents to remote parts of Tanzania, where, while his father was visiting farmers he would explore the bush with his mother, an avid birder and plant collector. He doesn’t remember his first safari because he was too young. Their enthusiasm rubbed off on him though, and his favorite part of school was the outdoor pursuits program that allowed him onto Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro at least twice per year, and into Maasai land and other parks.

At Ithaca College in the US he received a Bachelor of Science degree. Finding that no course of study fit him, he designed his own, combining ornithology, ecology, biology, outdoor leadership and physical education. His uncle lived in Vermont and there he learned to enjoy the snow, snowboarding behind a jeep if they couldn’t make it to the slopes, cross-country skiing, and hooking up the horse and sleigh for some good times. He came home to Tanzania at the beginning of 2004, having also completed a guiding course in South Africa, and began work managing Mwagusi Safari Camp in Ruaha National Park, where he also helped train guides. After two and a half years he moved back north and began work for Asilia Lodges, managing, guiding and leading walks in their Suyan Camp in the Serengeti. He is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Biodiversity Conservation & Management through the University of London.

Ethan rarely gives up an opportunity to be in the bush, whether birding, guiding, teaching, studying, or assisting in research. He also enjoys playing rugby, running, paragliding, photography, sketching and playing brass.

Ethan Kinsey

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