Books have been written and movies filmed, attempting to describe the impassioned grip Africa can have on the soul. From the days when hundreds of porters would carry supplies for months-on-end expeditions, to today, when the most remote places are accessible by light aircraft, there is an adventure and romance associated with a safari in the African wilderness.

For some, such as Ethan Kinsey, that adventure has become a way of life. They are the guides, the conservationists; and their passion for the land they find so much peace from drives them to understand its intricacies. Sharing it with you helps them understand it better, and is an important force in the conservation of what was once described as uninhabited wilderness.

Whether you seek a luxurious wildlife adventure, a lightweight walking safari, a family holiday, or if you are a photographer with a mission, Ethan will help you to organize your journey. He organizes safaris that don’t fit in the boxes sold by tour operators working from an office. His office is the bush, his passion, and he offers a unique opportunity to step out of the bounds and rules of modern conventional safaris, while maintaining the highest standards and integrity of the people and places you will visit.

Wild Dogs on Safari

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